Swimming Pool

  1. ALL SWIMMERS MUST SHOWER thoroughly before entering pool.
  2. PROHIBITED FROM POOL– anyone with skin sores, inflamed eyes, nose or ears. Expectorating or discharging the nasal passages in the pool area is prohibited.
  3. NO TOYS or SWIMMING AIDS permitted within the pool enclosure.
  4. NO SMOKING OR FOOD permitted in the pool enclosure.
  5. NO ROUGHHOUSING – running, jumping, dunking, ball playing, pushing or roughhousing is not permitted in the pool area. Games will be permitted on Corporation property at the discretion of the lifeguards.
  6. DIVING: Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving board. The diver must dive or jump when on the board. Divers may not dive or jump sideways from the board, and once in the water, must swim away from the board. No diving is permitted from the seawall, railing, gangway, or from the sides of the pool adjacent to the diving boards.
  7. ONLY REGULAR BATHING SUITS may be worn in the pool. No cutoff jeans. Toddlers in diapers will not be allowed in the pool.
  8. AFTER 6 PM, children under 16 years of age must be out of the pool unless accompanied by an adult. One lane of the pool is normally set aside for adults swimming laps during all hours of operation.
  9. Infants and toddlers not toilet trained must wear rubber pants in the pool.


Kiddie Pool

  1. ALL CHILDREN UNDER 7 in the kiddie pool must be supervised by an adult or qualified babysitter stationed at the edge of the pool. All children who are not toilet trained should wear rubber pants in the pool area. Children over 7 years of age are not allowed in the wading pool.
  2. USE THE SHOWER to clean feet before using the wading pool. Beach sand causes the wading pool drain to clog.



The beach is open for swimming in general.  There are some days we may be advised that swimming is hazardous due to higher levels of contaminants.  This determination is made by The Westchester County Board of Health, which conducts water quality checks at our beach in the late spring and throughout the swimming season.   Swimming is also permitted from the kayak dock to the swimming float.

Beach and Pool Safety and Courtesy Rules

What a privilege and delight it is to be able to enjoy the crystal clear water of our own large pool all summer long!  In order to ensure the enjoyment of all members, the following rules have been put in place. They are also intended to assure the safe operation of our club area. Please adhere to these rules.  Users who violate our health and safety regulations or who do not respect the rights of others will be asked to leave the area.

  1. SIGN-IN AT GATE is required by all users and guests.
  2. NO CHILDREN UNDER 7 allowed in pool enclosure or on floats unless accompanied by an adult or qualified babysitter.
  3. NO PETS allowed on property.
  4. NO SWIMMING permitted unless lifeguard is on duty.
  5. NO SWIMMING BEYOND THE ROPES. Only non-inflatable life preservers may be used at the beach.

 Contact  the Director Beach & Pool if you have questions or for more information.
Please enjoy the swimming season!


Swimming Season Fees:  $5 for guests age 1 and over.  Children under 1 free.

Holiday Fees:  $10 per guest on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.  Please sign in guests on the last page of the guest book which is reserved for holiday sign-ins.